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AI Agents

An autonomous agents which are capable of doing work on behalf of you

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Task Automation Services

Deployment of AI-driven automation to streamline processes and enhance operational efficiency

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Chatbot Development

Building conversational AI Chatbot to improve customer engagement and provide efficient support services.

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Enterprise Consulting

At GlobeAI, We leverage deep industry knowledge and cutting-edge insights to architect a coherent actionable AI strategy & Solution tailoredfor your business.

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Innovation and Research

Continuous exploration and implementation of cutting-edge AI technologies to drive innovation in various industries.

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AI Content Creation

Integration of AI capabilities for image,video & Audio Creation, enabling enhanced content functionalities and understanding.

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AI Sales Agents

An AI sales agent, work 24 x 7 behalf of you trained on your enterprise data .It can cold call , inbound call, can set appointment in your voice .

Voice Coning

AI Voice Cloning are possible for a constructive use ,with the sample of data we clone voice offline or in realtime also.

Our Team

Kishan Kumar

Chief Executive Officer

An Engineer & AI Content Creator with over 30,0000 Followers worked as Data Scientist & Freelance AI Consultant ,experience in AI Voice Cloning & DeepFake Technology.

Gaurav Sah

Chief Technology Officer

Dynamic and accomplished CTO with a robust foundation in full-stack development, extensive experience in software internships, and a current role as a Machine Learning intern at iNeuron.ai. Demonstrates expertise in leading technology stacks, fostering innovation, and implementing comprehensive solutions, showcasing proficiency in Python, Django, .NET, and diverse ML algorithms.

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Our comprehensive AI services encompass cutting-edge technologies to revolutionize your business operations. Leveraging state-of-the-art artificial intelligence, we offer tailored solutions designed to enhance efficiency, drive innovation, and elevate your overall performance.

Revolutionize operations with advanced AI automation, data-driven insights, and personalized customer experiences, ensuring security, innovation, and cost-efficiency for a competitive edge.

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